Whether it is an Anniversary, Birthday, Christnening, Engagement, Retirement, Cocktail Party or simply an special occasion, we are here to help.. We offer a personalised service and guide you from the initial enquiry to the day of the event. Our management, staff and chefs always make sure that your special day remains a day to remember and cherish with your loved ones. Please call us to discuss more: 023 8022 3749

We've all been there: 11pm, drinking-up time in the pub and no one wants to go home. Not such a problem in the summer, but come December, when most of the towns are positively overflowing with party crowds, options are always going to be limited – particularly with a group. You could, of course, try joining the queue at a club, but chances are it has now started raining and who's to say you'll make it past the stern face with the clipboard once you get to the front?

Hence, George's welcomes group of people who wish to enjoy the celebrations in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where the drinks keep coming and the delicious meals tempt your appetite. A Christmas Party at George's is a wonderful way of celebrating all the merry events with your loved ones. You can call us a month or two in advance and book your table and we will try our best to host your party in the best fashion possible. The Menu for Christmas is carefully selected so you can expect only the best.